Trusts, Wills and Estate Services

At Canham Rogers we assist many of our clients with estate planning and the management of wealth transfer from one generation to the next in a tax effective manner. 

Many of our clients utilize inter vivos trusts in order to minimize future capital gains taxes as well as to reduce probate fees. Testamentary trusts are also used to achieve a variety of financial goals in addition to tax minimization.

We work very closely with our clients and their family to provide assistance regarding the many taxation, accounting, and business matters that can arise on disability or death.

Canham Rogers is a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.

We are often asked to act as executors on behalf of our clients and in order to properly discharge this responsibility, we require:

(a) an original signed copy of the most recent will for you and your spouse,

(b) a list of all assets and liabilities including a listing of all bank accounts, safety deposit boxes, insurance policies, investment accounts, RRSP's, annuities, real property, cars, antiques, etc. [this list should be updated and forwarded to us on a periodic basis],

(c) if applicable, any loans outstanding with family members or friends, the terms of the loans, and any documentation which might exist, [e.g. promissory notes] and whether any of this should be forgiven or equalized when making beneficiary payments from your estate,

(d) any specific instructions regarding such things as family heirlooms, burial preferences, etc.

We also find it quite beneficial to meet with you and your spouse to review this documentation and discuss it in detail with you.